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  My WaterSafe - Hurricane Water Storage, Collapsible Water Container, Emergency Water Storage, Hurricane Preparedness, Emergency

Why use Watersafe to store your water?
WaterSafe Products


Hurricane Water Storage System - Collapsible Water Container

Award-Winning My Watersafe® is the easiest and safest way to store significant amounts of water. The three models include:

My Watersafe® - 65 Gallon Bathtub
My Watersafe® Heavy Duty - 55 Gallon Stand Alone
My Watersafe® Mini - 5 Gallon Sink or Stand Alone

My Watersafe® is MADE IN AMERICA with FDA approved, food and beverage grade materials. Engineered with superior liquid packaging technology, the film has a clear, three-layer, non-barrier lamination that is developed to provide strong seals, extraordinary bag toughness and superior flex crack resistance.

My Watersafe® is compact, affordable, safe, lightweight and easy to use. Store on a shelf until the wind starts to blow! Learn more...

National Geographic’s, Doomsday Preppers explores the use of water storage bags in tubs.
Doomsday Preppers Coverage

Click here for a video that demonstrates how to use these water storage devices.

The 2013 severe weather season has begun with devastating results... are you prepared?



Overnight Shipping Available
when ordered before noon.
SAFE - Protect water from bacteria, dust, bugs, animals, and other contamination. Bladder made in the USA of FDA approved food and beverage grade material.
CONVENIENT - Stores on a shelf and expands to fit in a bathtub or sink or can stand alone. Easy to use.
AFFORDABLE - Costs less than most water storage systems.
SUSTAINS LIFE - Have up to 65 gallons of clean water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking and flushing.




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